At Masonite, we believe every door is a connection, and we've been building better ones for more than 90 years.


Building on this solid foundation, we have high expectations for the future. We are fast becoming a stronger, more agile company, building better connections to our customers, becoming more involved with our communities, and rapidly transforming a very significant global industry.

Our culture is evolving as well. Internally we embody a values-based workplace and strive to make people feel welcome, respected, appreciated and connected to our vision. We're implementing better people, processes, and programs to enable employees to collaborate more, and develop and progress further in their careers.

For positive, high-energy people willing to show up and
bring 100% of their efforts to an organization built on hard work and strong ethics, this is a place you can connect with.

Our Vision:

To be the best provider of building products in the eyes of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities.

Masonite was founded in 1925, and from that time forward, our employees have strived diligently to uphold the highest ethical standards of business conduct. We do more than merely obey the letter of the law - we embrace the Masonite Vision and Values to build our culture.

We also believe in transparency and peer-to-peer respect across all levels. Employees may raise concerns about issues safely and anonymously, and we promise to respond and take action until the issue is resolved.

Masonite is an international leader in innovation with more 10,000 dedicated employees. We live a business-casual mindset within a professional environment.

Our Culture:

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do.

  • Integrity Under Pressure
  • People are Key
  • Hold the Door Open
  • Flexibility in Every Fiber
  • On the Threshold of What's Next

At Masonite, living our values means more than just obeying laws and regulations. It means applying the highest standard of ethics to every interaction, whether between employees, customers, suppliers, regulators or anyone else. Through ongoing teamwork and open, forthright communications, we promote a culture of creativity, ownership and excitement based on a strong commitment to our vision.

Reasons To Join Us

Success with Masonite is well-designed, and we've got the Masonite Blueprint to prove it. It is our roadmap, inspiring and aligning employees at every level, everywhere, with our annual strategic goals, processes and unwavering commitment to living our values. It demonstrates our vision, our plan and desire to succeed through continuously improving our products, our processes and our people. Regardless of your role or geographic location, the Masonite Blueprint will enable you to set goals, make decisions, and become the best you can be.

Masonite is an international leader; a solidly performing company with a dynamic and evolving workplace. We embrace positivity, thrive on challenges and deliver on our commitments. Propelled by forward-thinking leaders and subject matter experts, we are rapidly setting trends in more than just product design and functionality. We are at the forefront of changing the industry itself.

At masonite, we have a large, global footprint and continue to build a better company as we expand. That's why our door is always open to new trends, alternative points of view, and better paths to success. Because we believe that inspiration and innovation leads to change, our employees are encouraged to be courageous, bring ideas, take risks and think outside the box. And they are recognized for their knowledge and customer focus as we reshape the way we do business and transform our company from the inside out.

It takes hard work to survive the volatility of the housing industry, and Masonite is proud to have done so for more than 80 years. We are a knowledgeable and highly motivated workforce, and hire strong performers who can make solid contributions to our positive, fast-paced team. We look for people who are customer-focused and ready to think, be heard, be challenged and be recognized for their commitment and contributions. The people who succeed share a passion to develop their skills, advance on their own efforts and help us continue our legacy of achievement.