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Doors 101

Interior Doors

Selecting the right door to complement your new construction, renovation or decorating project is very important. A new door is just the finishing touch that will dramatically bring your project to life. Masonite makes choosing the right door easy by offering a broad range of door designs that are almost certain to meet any architectural style or application requirements. Learn More

Entry Doors

Masonite knows that you not only want to make a good first impression, but a lasting one as well. That's why Masonite offers the most comprehensive line of beautiful and durable entry systems. Get StartedA Masonite front door will add curb appeal, increase the value of your home, and most importantly, make your home more beautiful. With a Masonite entry door you get everything you need – value, beauty, durability and protection from the weather.
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Choosing the perfect door is as easy as...
Paint or Stain?
Start by choosing whether your décor calls for a painted or stained door. If it's a painted look you want, select any Masonite interior door. They can all be painted. Masonite's Molded Panel, Flush or MDF doors are most commonly specified for painted applications. If you'd rather stain your doors, then choose from a wide array of wood species in Masonite's Wood Panel or French Door Series. No matter which you choose, you'll be adding the finishing touch to your decorating project.

Choose Your Style
Masonite knows that the right door and the right design can make all the difference. That's why we have a design to perfectly fit your new construction, decorating or renovation plans. From traditional to contemporary, rustic or craftsman style, we have exactly what you need. Masonite doors are available in a variety of design options from the traditional 6-Panel, to our patented Palazzo™ Series or beautiful glazed hardwood French doors. Choose the Masonite door that best complements your home's architectural style and application. For instance, if your home has a southwestern or rustic décor, our Cheyenne® or Knotty Alder 2-Panel Plank is the perfect choice to complement your home's look. If your home has more of an elegant or contemporary look and feel, our Palazzo Bellagio® will be an excellent addition.
Choose Your Material
Keeping your design in mind, please select the door material that will meet your individual design, performance or aesthetic needs. To assist you, Masonite has a broad selection of door materials and finishes that will enhance the ambience of any room. Choose from wood panel, MDF panel, molded panel, wood French, MDF French, wood louver and wood flush. Click the material options below to learn more.

  • Molded Panel: The Masonite® Molded Panel Series is the industry benchmark for all composite wood doors. This series utilizes a composite wood door facing resulting in a more durable door that resists warping, shrinking and cracking.
  • Wood Panel: When only the beauty of real wood will do, Masonite® Wood Panel doors are the tried and true classic.
  • MDF Panel: The MDF Series features the very best of authentic stile & rail craftsmanship with all the advantages of MDF (Medium Density Fiber) technology.
  • Wood French: Brighten up any room with a Masonite® French Door. Masonite French doors accentuate any room with their natural and beautiful wood construction.
  • MDF French: Increase light on any project with the added performance of MDF technology by installing a French door from the MDF Series.
  • Wood Louver: Ventilation concerns are solved with the Louver Door Series. Louver doors beautify any room with an authentic tropical look.
  • Wood Flush: The Masonite® Flush Door Series offers the visual beauty of natural wood veneers or an excellent, paintable hardboard surface in a clean and simple flush design.
Choose Your Construction
Our wood panel, wood French and MDF doors already feature an engineered, solid, stile & rail construction. However, if you've chosen a Molded Panel or Flush door for your project, you may also select a solid or hollow core construction. This will allow you to choose and install the door that is best for you and your family or application. Solid core doors are most durable. They have the heft and feel of a solid wood door and provide superior sound transmission properties for extra privacy – especially for bed and bathrooms. Fire-rated doors also require solid core construction (not all solid core doors are fire rated).

Molded Panel doors
  • 1-3/8" thickness: hollow core or Masonite's patented Safe 'N Sound® Construction
  • 1-3/4" thickness: hollow core, particleboard core, mineral core, fire-rated doors available
Flush doors
  • 1-3/8" thickness: hollow core or particleboard core
  • 1-3/4" thickness: hollow core, particleboard core, wood stave core, mineral core, fire-rated doors available
Choosing the perfect door is as easy as...
Choose Your Style
Based on your home's architectural style choose the Masonite entry door design that's best for you. You can select a traditional, contemporary, modern or rustic design, with or without glass. Masonite has exactly what you need. We have one of the largest and most comprehensive lines of exterior doors on the market.
Masonite has created a line of entry doors to suit any home and reflect the personal style of the homeowner. Exterior door designs are available in many styles and configurations, from a 1-Panel to 8-Panel, sidelites and transoms, with glass or without. Be creative. Create your own look by combining the door design, glass, transom and sidelights that will make your home the most beautiful on the street and the perfect reflection of your personal style.
Choose Your GlassChoose Your Glass
Masonite lets you maximize the beauty and impact of your new door by providing you with the largest selection of clear and decorative glass options. Masonite takes great pride in presenting a beautiful, creative and exciting collection of decorative glass designs with unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship. We have glass designs from classic, to contemporary with a variety of caming styles, to complement your home's architectural features. The decorative glass will embrace the natural light and transform it into a creative and beautiful presentation leaving a lasting first impression. Masonite's Specialty™ Glass designs enhance both the appearance and value of your home without compromising security or privacy. With a seemingly endless array of different glass designs and configurations, backed by years of experience, Masonite will help you to create a truly beautiful door that will exceed your expectations, impress your neighbors and most importantly… increase the value of your home.
Choose Your Material
When it's time to choose the door material, remember that Masonite offers a very comprehensive selection to meet all of your design, performance and application requirements – Fiberglass and Steel
Entry Door : SteelSteel: You will be pleased to know that Masonite has best selection of steel doors in the industry. We have the largest variety with more designs and options. Masonite steel doors come in a prefinished white (Sta-Tru® HD) for convenience or pre-primed (Masonite® HD) for painting and decorating. Masonite HD Steel doors feature high-definition panel profiles and can be fire-rated. Masonite Steel doors are a great value and with a virtually endless selection to choose from.
Entry Door : FiberglassFiberglass: Masonite® Fiberglass doors feature high-performance fiberglass facings, Specialty™ decorative glass, true square edge construction and a rot-resistant bottom rail. They are available with a smooth or textured finish, offering the look of beautifully finished wood without all the maintenance. Choose a fiberglass door if you are looking for lasting durability, live in areas with challenging climates or just simply prefer a low-maintenance door.
Where to Buy
Where to BuySometimes the simplest of tasks can seem like a huge challenge. Finding and deciding which is the right door for your project is, in some cases, the final touch required to complete an addition or a renovation. However, this decision can dramatically affect the overall appearance of the surrounding area – regardless of whether this involves an exterior or an interior door. Masonite understands that some decisions are more intricate than others. That's why we have made finding a Masonite Dealer as easy as 1, 2, 3… just click here to go to our "Dealer Locator" to find the Dealer or Home Center nearest you.
How to Install

If you have chosen to "do-it-yourself," you are not alone. There's been a remarkable resurgence of individuals who take pleasure and pride in transforming their homes themselves. First, you should know that door installation is not difficult. It's as simple as choosing your favorite door, determining your specific configuration, measuring the opening and following our easy-to-follow instructions. Masonite's installation instructions include detail on how to install, a list of required the tools, what measurements to take and how to finish your door. For detailed installation instructions, please click here. Although this undertaking is not for everyone, your Dealer will assist you by answering questions, by recommending the right solution for your project and your budget if you decide to handle the project on your own.

If you are not comfortable with the installation, please talk to your Dealer. Installation services are available in many locations. Choosing a contractor for your project must be done very carefully. Check for references, make sure that your contractor is licensed and insured, ask for photos of other completed projects, ask for client testimonials and get them to commit to a budget. Exterior work and additions, for example, can be more demanding than just replacing a door. So it's very important to make the right choice.


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