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Masonite Exterior Doors

Steel & Fiberglass Exterior Catalog
New and improved for 2015. Introducing the new and returning exterior products in an easy-to-follow format. Featuring new brilliant photography, at-a-glance product comparisons and images of door configurations with close up shots of our decorative glass.

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Exterior Masonite Exterior Doors
Masonite Exterior Doors

VistaGrande™ Brochure
Bring the outdoors in with VistaGrande™ - our exciting new line of flush-glazed fiberglass doors that instantly brighten any space. Flush-glazing offers a wider viewing area and cleaner appearance over traditional glass inserts, while stile and rail features provide an authentic wood door look.

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Exterior Masonite Exterior Doors
AvantGuard Luxury Fiberglass Finish

AvantGuard Luxury Fiberglass Finish Brochure
Masonite's exclusive AvantGuard technology ensures a superior finish with unsurpassed performance. The beauty of natural wood blends seamlessly with the proven durability of fiberglass to create a door that redefines luxury.

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Exterior AvantGuard Luxury Fiberglass Finish

New Products Brochure
Our Inspired by Imagination. Crafted by Masonite brochure brings the new 2015 products to life in a series of captivating images that highlight the essence of each new design. A truly inspirational piece to spark your customer's imagination.

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Exterior New Products Brochure
Masonite Molded Panel & Flush Interior Doors

Molded Panel Brochure
Discover our new Heritage series of interior molded panel doors and revisit our returning designs. Divided into three distinct categories - Expo, Select, and Classics - making it easier to find the door to suit your customers' needs.

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Interior Masonite Molded Panel & Flush Interior Doors
Masonite Bolection Premium Interior Doors

Bolection® Premium Interior Doors
Our premium line of Bolection interior doors offers a wide array of designs ready-made or customized from a solid piece of material providing substance and stability when dressed with glass or mirror inserts.

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Interior Masonite Bolection Premium Interior Doors
Masonite Patio Doors

Masonite® Patio Door Collection
The Masonite Patio Door Collection features SpectraWeld™ technology on select decorative glass panels. This unique system utilizes revolutionary composite material that bonds to the glass and simulates caming. This catalog features Masonite's Designer Patio Doors which come standard with Low E glass to make the system more energy efficient, and also features Traditional Patio Doors which provide wider, open views with larger glass areas to bring added value to your home.

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Exterior Masonite Patio Doors
Masonite Fast-Frame Steel Door Frames

FAST-FRAME's advanced design adds a new dimension of flexibility and durability to Masonite's steel entry door line. Developed and manufactured exclusively for Masonite by TIMELY, FAST-FRAME features a full 1" of adjustability to accommodate almost any variation in wall construction. This catalog features the options available with the FAST-FRAME system to help you select and install a new steel entry door for your home.

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Exterior Masonite Fast-Frame Steel Door Frames

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