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Masonite Doors Technical Information

Product Performance

Masonite's ultimate goal is to add beauty and value to your home. We make our doors to the highest standards and warrant them to perform over time. When you buy a Masonite door, you are buying piece of mind.

Masonite's doors are designed and constructed to very exacting specifications. All materials - wood, fiberglass, steel or composite, are engineered for lasting durability and reliable performance. This performance translates into extra security, extra longevity and extra home owner satisfaction.

Masonite continually creates new and innovative doors that are sure to bring beauty and value to your home for years to come. That is why we are known as Masonite. The Beautiful Door.

Energy Efficiency

As our planet's resources continue to be taxed, scientists, inventors, manufacturers and whole countries are searching for new sources of energy. You may not be able to discover a new energy source, but you can conserve this precious commodity, and Masonite doors can help.

Masonite is constantly investigating new ideas, new materials, and new designs to help our homeowners cut down on energy costs. Masonite doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind. More information


For many, living near the ocean is one of life's dreams. Today, that dream seems to come with an increasing cost. Hurricanes and other severe weather patterns can put constant pressure on you and your home. More information

Sound Transmission

Managing and containing sound transmission is becoming more popular in both residential and commercial construction. Doors can be an important component when attempting to reduce the noise that is either entering or exiting a room or building. More information


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